Advance 70 Tilt and Turn Windows

The Advance 70 Tilt and Turn Windows, offers the same superb qualities that in terms of performance, aesthetics and environmental issues as casement, bow and bay windows. With chamfered or sculptured system options they complement the design and look of other windows within the range.

The Advance 70 Tilt and Turn Windows are thermally efficient, structurally compliant and visually pleasing. The two operational features of the windows allow for easy cleaning, when in the fully open position and provides ventilation when in the tilt position. 

Tilt and Turn Windows offer greater scope for larger openings than a traditional casement window and give greater thermal performance with the larger panes of glass.

Tilt and Turn Windows also work well as fire escapes or where there is restricted space outside or opening hazards.

The Advance 70 system can be manufactured into internally or externally glazed Tilt and Turn Windows with extremely slim sight lines.

  • External and Internal Georgian bars – that snap in place giving a more authentic look than ‘in-unit’ alternatives.    
  • Reduce production time.    
  • 24mm, 28mm and 40mm glazing options available.    
  • Available in woodgrain finishes as well as white.


Advance 70 Tilt and Turn Windows

  • British Made  – Our products are extruded and distributed from our Birmingham based headquarters.
  • High Security – The Advance 70 Casement Window is certified to PAS24 / Document Q and is also Secured by Design.
  • Thermally Efficient  – The Advance 70 has 5 chambers and can achieve A+ Ratings which keeps the warmth in
  • Low Maintenance  –  The Advance 70 is low maintenance meaning just a quick wipe over with soapy water will keep it looking good for many years to come
  • Fully Accredited  –  The Advance 70 is a Kitemarked product to BS EN 12608 & the organisation certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • 100% Lead Free  – All our profiles are extruded with lead free materials making them easier to recycle


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