Some fantastic news to round of what has been a great year in 2017, Selecta Systems has been voted best profile over REAHU windows and have become Systems Company 2017. It’s a great momement especially when we manufacture it within our York factory.

This is what Selcta Systems had to say…

“This is a huge achievement and a proud moment, as these awards are voted for by industry peers i.e. fabricators, installers and professionals, not by so called industry ‘expert panels’! We were up against some of the larger extrusion / system house companies in Kommerling, Deceuninck, Synseal, Profile 22, Smart Aluminum Systems, Residence Collection, Eurocell and Veka – We really have beaten the big boys!!! In the end we had 42.1% of the votes… that is a massive victory and one we will exploit over the next 12 months!


Over the past 18 months we have worked hard to change the perception of Selecta in the industry and away from the `cheap and cheerful` tag, which we were perceived as being. Promoting the real benefits of Selecta, the quality of our products and the team that work hard to make it happen throughout the year, have been key in our campaigns. Changing and modernising our branding and marketing materials from what was a traditional and bland white colour scheme to a completely new and bold black sleek and modern look – demonstrating our bold move to modernise the brand, attract a new style of customer and also representative of a new Selecta.

The #bepartofthefamily marketing campaign has been embraced in the industry, as the only family and independently owned UK based PVCu extrusion and systems house supplier, in a market where our competitors have all been swallowed up by large investment groups, thus losing their real identity, focus, ethos and values. Many window and door businesses are family run companies and we can communicate with them on the same level, whereas our competitors are corporate and not very flexible!


The image and perception of Selecta and most importantly our Advance 70 is changing and we’re finally being recognised for our qualities – not being sold short and cheaply as we were in the past. Feedback in the industry is positive and we are touted as the ‘most progressive’ systems house company in the market.


What is really important in all of this, is that we have a strong team to support everything that we say and do… and I’m sure we have! That’s why we have won this accolade. This is why we are SYSTEMS COMPANY 2017, because everyone has an important part to play, every day, in achieving this…


We are the Selecta family. We are WINNERS!”


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